School visit

On 01 of March we had the pleasure to host students from Halesowen School. The students were engaged in a task which combined the three programs we teach in the 3D department. The students were therefore to build a structure from given materials. The objectives were to build a structure that can hold a balloon, keep it as high as possible, use minimum amount of material and create a sense of enclosure for the model human.

All of the teams finished the task but some structures did not hold for sufficient time to be photographed.

Group one highest balloon: Yellow balloon team

Group two highest balloon: Pink balloon team

Overall Highest: Pink balloon team

Wining team for least materials used: both sky blue teams.

Well done Halesowen School!

We hope to see some of these students joining us in the coming years, and wish them much success in their future carriers.

All structures together

The Winning structure

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