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The courses Architectural Technology, Interior Design and Product design are all part of 3D department in the School of The Arts. Whilst each of our subject specialisms have distinct differences we strive to promote a collaborative studio culture sharing ideas and experiences. Our intimately sized studio groups are perfect for such collaborations and allow students to not only make friends with future graduates of other industries, but to also open their view horizons to potentials and development. This page is about the joined story of our student journey.


The Architectural Technology programme develops graduates who are vocationally equipped with specialist skills and knowledge in the areas of architectural design, technology and its application, legal legislation, conservation, project management and professional practice. Graduates are prepared to move directly into employment within a range of dedicated fields including construction, design and planning. The learning environment includes studio and technical facilities, and access to specialist resources.


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The Interior Design course is designed for creative individuals with a passion about space creation, interior architecture as well as the artistic aspects of surface and 3D Design. The program embraces the conceptual approach of design providing a creative and inspiring mixture of theoretical, technological and visual elements. Our students are trained in the process of contemporary design practices focusing on the creation of domestic as well as public spaces. The design studio practice is supported by technical workshop activity that facilitates innovation in the production of two and three-dimensional work.

The Product Design programme establishes a creative energy through challenging the dynamic of functionality, desirability, the aesthetic, materials, sustainability, social contexts and ethics; and essential considerations to energise design practice. Industry projects and contemporary technologies, as well as the traditions associated with visual thinking, help develop the requisite skills for product development.


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