'Delight in Light' Competition

Lighting technology has been changing and so has research into the importance of light in the built environment. Understanding how to light is relevant to all the specialist areas that make up the 3D subject area.

In October we received the Delight in Light competition brief. It is organised by the Lighting Industry Association and sponsored by Anglepoise. The original Anglepoise lamp is certainly a design classic and a vital addition to any creative work place, with its ability to focus on the task. It will set the bar high for new innovative designs submitted in response.

Each year the winning designs are displayed at London Design Week - usually at 100% Design. The top prize is £1000 but smaller prizes are linked to company support and visits. If you are interested in lighting then this is a great opportunity to make contacts and showcase innovative ideas, so why not give it a go?

We encourage all courses within the 3D department to consider such an invaluable experience!

Deadline: 1 August 2016

For more information speak to Vicki Thomas and Friedemann Schaber (Product Design)

OR visit: http://delightinlight.org/get-involved/

Picture: https://www.anglepoise.com/collection/original-1227

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