ID Studio 1

Northampton Urban Room - 2016

“Every town and city…should have an ‘urban room’ where the past, present and future of that place can be inspected…a mix of display and meeting places.”

(Farrell Review, ‘Our Future in Place’, 2014)

The notion of an "urban room" is drawn from the Farrell Review, and is the principle that lies at the base of the Northampton Urban Room project. According to the design brief issued by the CCBE (Collaborative Centre for the Built Environment), the Northampton Urban Room should be:

"a well-designed innovative exhibition with opportunities for debate, circulation and quieter areas. The exhibition should be designed for ease of fabrication, to be simple, transportable, and give potential for visitors to display material that they have generated alongside formally presented pieces. It could visually position past, present and future proposals for Northampton. The use of models both physical and virtual will be important. The historical perspective is essential to demonstrate ‘how we got here’. The exhibition should celebrate the presence and the future by emphasizing the heritage, diversity and richness of Northampton."

Here are the design proposals of the University of Northampton first-year Interior Design students to the Northampton Urban Room brief.

Inhabiting Geometry - 2016

The first-year Interior Design students were asked to work on a core spatial and three-dimensional idea that will propose a physical intervention into the University of Northampton old School of the Arts entrance lobby area with the intention to either change the way it is used, inhabited or experienced, applying shape grammar rules as a starting point for the design.

The featured work is created by the first-year Interior Design students at the University of Northampton: Rebecca Tuffin, Sasha Martin, Lamia Wahab, Nikol Samuchova, Gloria Tsang and Ana Moarcas.

Inhabiting Geometry - 2015

- Intro to Surveying & Context

- By Adam Shahid, Lucy Pearson & Nidaa Chattaroo

Capsule Living - 2015

- Urban Context

- By Kimberley Baker, Edita Endziulaityte, Andreea Jurca